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We’re dedicated to each and every client. Whether you’re relying on Cadre Security Group for private security services, security training, or taking a class to get a concealed weapons permit, we put your safety, needs, and goals above all else. But don’t take our word for it, just read what some of our clients are saying about us.

  • The training was very valuable. Great refresher course from when I was in the Air Force. All security officers should have 40 hours of training to get their SLED license.

    avatarMartin S. – Hard Rock Security
  • The class was very informative and very well taught. After having over 40 hours of class, it is hard to believe that only 4 hours is a basic class. A lot of information and laws that apply to security. I personally think this course should be taught to all security personnel.

    avatarPaul M. – HRP Security
  • I was more than impressed with the classroom training. Dale was extremely knowledgeable and made all the lessons intuitive and fun, which I felt helped me retain all the information taught.

    avatarChris S. – Hard Rock Security
  • Dale Cox began working with Chenega Security &Protection Services, LLC (CSPS) during the start up period on the FLETC-Charleston contract in October 2008. Mr. Cox was able, on short notice, to provide quality training that was South Carolina SLED mandated in order to certify CSPS Security Officers to state standards. Additionally, Mr. Cox made himself available to CSPS in order to retrain and re-certify CSPS officers for mandate firearms recertification. This was extremely valuable as the FLETC firearms instructors were not SLED certified and therefore unauthorized to sign the renewal certification applications. Without Mr. Cox’s superior service and immediate response, CSPS would have not been in compliance with SLED requirements and would have been open to criminal prosecution and potential termination of the FLETC contract for cause.

    avatarStewart B – Ph.D.
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