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Concealed Weapon Permit Training

The South Carolina Concealed Weapon Permit Training consists of SC concealed carry law, Use of Force, comprehensive hands on training with the pistol, two fingerprint cards and paperwork.

All paperwork and fingerprints will be completed on site.  Two written tests are incluced in the training.

Due to recent changes in SC Law, any US military veteran does not have to qualify with the pistol.  A total of 50 rounds is required with a minimum score of 35 hits on the target for all others.

concealed-weapons-permit-carry$50 payment is required to the State when paperwork is mailed in.  Disabled US military veterans are exempt from this fee.

Active duty military can apply for the SC CWP even though possessing an out of state drivers license.  The permit is valid for 5 years reciprocal with 20 states.

The Utah non-resident Concealed Firearms Permit consists of Utah law and extensive hands on training with the pistol.  Qualification is not required. There are no written tests.

The student is required to send $49 to Utah and the permit is valid for 5 years reciprocal with 17 states.  Utah allows concealed carry in Georgia and Alabama where SC does not.

One fingerprint card will be completed on site.

Concealed Carry Course Prices

  • South Carolina Concealed Weapons Permit: $75
  • Utah Concealed Firearms Permit: $50
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